Monday, December 12, 2011

Please call-- Important Surprise Vote on the SOA/WHINSEC! Call Congress Today!

Greetings friends,

I want to thank all of you who have supported me throughout my civil disobedience this past year at SOA, as well as my time in jail and the larger work of human rights in Central and South America. I don't wish to clog your inbox, but I have a favor to ask of you, that if you are able to please call your Representatives today (202-224-3121 for the switchboard, and give them your Rep's name, or even your city/town, and they will connect you, it's very easy), and ask that they vote to support the McGovern-Sestak-Bishop (GA) amendment to the National Defense Authorization Bill of 2009. This demands that the SOA/WHINSEC comply with Freedom of Information Acts on their faculty and students, so that those who have been implicated in human rights abuses can be held accountable. Full details are below. You can also go to and www.witnessforpeace.orgwebsites to get more info if things below don't come through on your e-mail. Many thanks again for your help and support!


Le Anne

Resurrection for All?

Is Resurrection only for the innocent?
for Lazarus, little girls, and Christ?

No, we are promised ourselves Resurrection
of the body, our bodies, however imperfect
and our own souls, however imperfect
transformed by faith into Love
this is the greatest forgiveness.

Might we all be
no longer desiring or capable of harming others?
Might we all be
no longer afraid?

if all creation is redeemed,
then all lives can be,
have been,
will be redeemed?

Forgiveness does not obliterate justice but revenge.